Welcome to HuskSMP’s new website!

HuskSMP has been reset for the 1.15 update!

Read more about the server updates here, and the site updates here.

Re-release date is set for January 11th, 2020!

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  • Version: 1.15.1 (Java Edition)
  • IP: play.husksmp.xyz
  • Gamemode: Survival Multiplayer (SMP)
  • Whitelist: No


HuskSMP is a survival multiplayer server, running on 1.15.1 Java, created to provide a near-vanilla experience (with game-enhancing additions) for anyone to play survival Minecraft on.

Our Modifications – In order to make the survival experience more fun than it is with complete vanilla, we added some slight changes using various Spigot plugins. No mods are installed, so you don’t have to connect using custom clients such as Forge.

  • Basic Economy – Players can sell/buy for money, which is used on server shops and claim blocks.
  • Better Sleep – Only a certain percentage of the server has to sleep for it to become day to permit sleeping while people are AFK or don’t have a bed with them.
  • Land Claiming – Allows you to claim land to protect it from griefing, but also allows you to create alliances and collaborate with others if wanted.
  • Small Modifications – Various protections and enhancements included in plugins such as Essentials and similar to improve the game.
  • Ranks – These allow us to give specific permissions to each player. Ranks were purchasable during the course of HuskSMP 1.0, but now are only obtainable in-game instead to remove the pay-to-win aspect of the server.
  • Moderation – We have installed various moderation plugins such as CoreProtect (which allows us to roll back damage in the case of griefing), X-Ray detection plugins, anti-cheat plugins, and ban plugins to protect you and other players from cheaters.


HuskSMP has a very basic set of rules to prevent any confusion. These are available on the Discord server as well. If you don’t understand a rule, please check with a moderator, admin, or owner in the discord server or using chat in-game.

Minecraft Rules

  • No cheats or hacked clients. 5-10 day ban
    Please do not use any form of hacked client, game-enhancing modification (aside from basic HUD mods or OptiFine). This includes any modern client (such as Baritone, Wurst, etc.) and X-Ray/ChestESP or similar mods.
  • No x-ray texture packs or mods. 5-7 day ban, inventory & money clear
    These give you a severe advantage over the typical user and have a large unwanted effect on the server economy. Please refrain from using these, and be aware we have detection systems and logs which will result in a punishment even if a staff member wasn’t watching while it occurred.
  • No PVP without consent. 1-6 day ban, inventory clear
    You may only kill someone if they are in a duel with you, in a designated PVP area, or if they permit you to. Repeated offenses will lead to a ban.
  • No griefing. 1-3 day ban
    Do not grief anyone else’s creations unless in good fun and not destructive. If you choose to “prank” another player by building an unwanted structure near or at their base, please help them clean it up if requested after.
  • No vulgar language. 0.5-7 day mute
    Please refrain from using slurs or other harmful or insensitive speech in chat.
  • No extreme disrespect. 1-7 day mute
    Please be respectful to all users, whether they be players or staff.
  • No bypassing the chat filter. 3-7 day mute
    Do not attempt to bypass the built in chat filter – it’s there for a reason. This includes putting letters/numbers in place of certain characters to make the filter not detect a disallowed phrase or word.
  • No advertising without owner permission. 7-30 day ban Please do not advertise your server IPs in the chat. You may do this in the Discord chat, but not in-game. This is a measure to prevent server ad bots.
  • No inappropriate item names, usernames, skins, builds, signs, and etc. 1-30 day ban
    Please keep it PG. All chat rules apply to these areas.
  • No excessive swearing. 12 hour mute
    Swearing is permitted this time around, but please don’t do it excessively. Here and there is okay, but every message is a bit too much.

Discord Rules

Discord rules are available in the Discord server’s #rules channel.