HuskSMP Reset Log

HuskSMP has been reset for the 1.15 update, and after weeks of maintenance, about ready for release.

Here’s what was changed:

  • All user data was cleared aside from ranks and suffixes – everyone will be starting fresh (aside from previous agreements with BlueFonzie)
  • Server remade from scratch
  • Updated all plugins to (hopefully) less buggy versions
  • Wiped & recreated the website (old site is still available at
  • Removed the store – all items are now available using in-game currency (contact me on Discord – Camden#5803 – to get a refund for any items you purchased during HuskSMP 1 because of this)
  • Updated permission manager
  • Refined plugin system to reduce future maintenance breaks
  • Refined voting system
  • Improved rewards system
  • Changed chat design
  • Removed some plugins which were deemed unnecessary: (AutoMessage, BedWars, BuycraftX, Clearlag, CratesPlus – replaced, CrazyCrates, Duels, HungerGames, icJukeBox, iControlU, iDisguise, ImageMaps, IPWhitelist, JustTPA, MaxBansPlus – replaced, Minigames, OldCombatMechanics, PermissionsEx – replaced, PrisonRanksX, Quests, Rankup, SuperVanish – replaced, TrollCommandsPlusPlus, XRayDetector – replaced) as well as some unneeded dependencies for these
  • Reverted to new combat mechanics (though this may change based on community response)
  • Brought back teleportation delay
  • Added warp GUI
  • Refined teleportation
  • Revamped economy (we will be monitoring it closely to ensure it doesn’t turn out like last time, so expect changes)
  • Improved XRay detection systems
  • Changed chat rules (swearing is now permitted, just not excessively)
  • Remade spawn
  • Redesigned auction house
  • Remade & updated /menu
  • Fixed /suffixes issues
  • Copied all ranks and suffixes into new permissions system

Of course, with any update, there’s a decent chance you’ll run into bugs. If you do, tell an online staff member or tell us in the Discord server. Thank you!

And if you have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to talk to us. The Discord server is the best way to reach us at the moment, but if you catch a staff member online feel free to ask them too.



Website Reset

The HuskSMP website has been completely reset in preparation for the 1.15 reset.

The old website is still available at if you would like to view any previous posts or content.

With this, the new website is still under construction, so you may see it being tweaked/changed as this is done. Feel free to send any suggestions to [email protected] or message me on discord at Camden#5803.

Thank you!