Bugfix/Shop Updates – July 17, 2019

Today we released a few extra updates to fix some bugs introduced by yesterday’s updates, as well as changed up ranks and updated the server store.

Here’s the list of in-game stuff:

  • Removed the rankup plugin due to plugin code issues (plugin creator has been contacted to find a solution, and it will return once one is found. Also, if you spent money on /rankup, please contact me using any of the methods at the bottom of this post for a refund).
  • Updated crates – there are now 5 total (daily, tools, claimblocks, vip, and rank)
  • Removed VIP rank reward from daily crate and replaced it with a rank crate key
  • Changed /kit daily and /kit vip with /rewards – type in /rewards to claim daily keys now

And the store/rank stuff:

  • Changed the rank color of VIP to light blue rather than dark green
  • Added VIP+ rank
  • Renamed Donator rank to VIP rank
  • Added suffixes to the server store
  • Added/moved some rank perks

These updates will all be finalized by late July 17.

Once again, if you run into any issues, contact me using the Discord Server, in-game chat, email ([email protected]), /mail send hume_man [message], or in the comments of this post.


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