Very Epic Update – September 7, 2019

Very epic update!

HuskSMP is now a multi-server network, as of yesterday.

This means HuskSMP will connect you to a lobby upon join, where you can pick between various gamemodes, such as:

  • Original/Economy SMP (Under maintenance while files copy)
  • Vanilla SMP (No plugins aside from land claim/moderation stuff) (Online now)
  • OP Prison (coming soon)

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Bought 5 new servers – bungee, lobby, vanilla SMP, original SMP (upgraded), and prison
  • Configured Bungee server
  • Configured Vanilla server
  • Installed a firewall to prevent UUID spoofing
  • Built a lobby
  • Configured new tablist
  • Configured new /lobby, /vanillasmp, /smp, and /prison commands
  • Changed DNS to route to Bungee server
  • Brought Original SMP offline to transfer to new host/multi server network
  • Downloaded complete backup of Original SMP
  • Uploaded Original SMP to new host (expected finish: Today at 2:30 PM MST)
  • Began work on Prison
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Transferred ranks and suffixes menu to all servers
  • Removed whitelist and brought online

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