HuskSMP 1.14.4 Live Update Log

Update 4:36 PM MST: This update has been completed!

Hello! Currently, HuskSMP is being upgraded to 1.14.4 to bring more stability, faster chunk loading, less lag, and bug fix updates (which come with 1.14.4). This update has fixed a large server efficiency bug, which should improve the server’s lag quite a bit.

The update window is currently 3:00PM MST to 6:00PM MST, but this may change.

This page will be continuously updated throughout the update with info on what is being done, and a final update will be released on the news page of this site once the upgrade is completed.

Complete 1.14.4 Upgrade Log:

- 3:02: Updated server whitelist, and whitelist message
- 3:04: Shut down server, changed MOTD, and enabled whitelist to prevent joining while backups and upgrades are occuring
- 3:12: Started a full backup of the server, before any upgrades have taken place (this will take a while)
- 4:09: Backups are finished.
- 4:12: Installing Essentials updates. (these are in beta, so this may be reverted later)
- 4:12: Removed EssentialsXXMPP due to it not being needed and causing errors.
- 4:13: Updated server JAR file to 1.14.4
- 4:14: Booted server for first time in 1.14.4
- 4:15: Server started, all plugins seem to be working fine
- 4:18: Tested out server world (main, nether, end) - nothing is corrupted
- 4:21: Tested out plugins, everything is fine
- 4:21: Shut down server for final updates before reopened to public
- 4:24: Installed some requested plugins while server is offline so as to not require another restart later
- 4:25: Changed Server MOTD back to original
- 4:27: Started server
- 4:29: Tested new additions, everything is working fine
- 4:29: Shut down server for final restart to put everything back to normal
- 4:32: Updated bukkit.yml server shutdown messages
- 4:32: Updated spigot.yml whitelist, outdated client, outdated server, and server restart messages
- 4:33: Started server for reopening
- 4:35: Tested everything again, all is well
- 4:36: Disabled whitelist
- 4:36: Maintenance is over!

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