HuskSMP Reset Log

HuskSMP has been reset for the 1.15 update, and after weeks of maintenance, about ready for release.

Here’s what was changed:

  • All user data was cleared aside from ranks and suffixes – everyone will be starting fresh (aside from previous agreements with BlueFonzie)
  • Server remade from scratch
  • Updated all plugins to (hopefully) less buggy versions
  • Wiped & recreated the website (old site is still available at
  • Removed the store – all items are now available using in-game currency (contact me on Discord – Camden#5803 – to get a refund for any items you purchased during HuskSMP 1 because of this)
  • Updated permission manager
  • Refined plugin system to reduce future maintenance breaks
  • Refined voting system
  • Improved rewards system
  • Changed chat design
  • Removed some plugins which were deemed unnecessary: (AutoMessage, BedWars, BuycraftX, Clearlag, CratesPlus – replaced, CrazyCrates, Duels, HungerGames, icJukeBox, iControlU, iDisguise, ImageMaps, IPWhitelist, JustTPA, MaxBansPlus – replaced, Minigames, OldCombatMechanics, PermissionsEx – replaced, PrisonRanksX, Quests, Rankup, SuperVanish – replaced, TrollCommandsPlusPlus, XRayDetector – replaced) as well as some unneeded dependencies for these
  • Reverted to new combat mechanics (though this may change based on community response)
  • Brought back teleportation delay
  • Added warp GUI
  • Refined teleportation
  • Revamped economy (we will be monitoring it closely to ensure it doesn’t turn out like last time, so expect changes)
  • Improved XRay detection systems
  • Changed chat rules (swearing is now permitted, just not excessively)
  • Remade spawn
  • Redesigned auction house
  • Remade & updated /menu
  • Fixed /suffixes issues
  • Copied all ranks and suffixes into new permissions system

Of course, with any update, there’s a decent chance you’ll run into bugs. If you do, tell an online staff member or tell us in the Discord server. Thank you!

And if you have any questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to talk to us. The Discord server is the best way to reach us at the moment, but if you catch a staff member online feel free to ask them too.


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