Very Epic Update – September 7, 2019

Very epic update!

HuskSMP is now a multi-server network, as of yesterday.

This means HuskSMP will connect you to a lobby upon join, where you can pick between various gamemodes, such as:

  • Original/Economy SMP (Under maintenance while files copy)
  • Vanilla SMP (No plugins aside from land claim/moderation stuff) (Online now)
  • OP Prison (coming soon)

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Bought 5 new servers – bungee, lobby, vanilla SMP, original SMP (upgraded), and prison
  • Configured Bungee server
  • Configured Vanilla server
  • Installed a firewall to prevent UUID spoofing
  • Built a lobby
  • Configured new tablist
  • Configured new /lobby, /vanillasmp, /smp, and /prison commands
  • Changed DNS to route to Bungee server
  • Brought Original SMP offline to transfer to new host/multi server network
  • Downloaded complete backup of Original SMP
  • Uploaded Original SMP to new host (expected finish: Today at 2:30 PM MST)
  • Began work on Prison
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Transferred ranks and suffixes menu to all servers
  • Removed whitelist and brought online

The X-Ray Incident – What happened, and why we did what we did

Hello everyone!

As I’m sure most of you are aware of by now, (excuse my language, but) quite the shitstorm occurred last night, after we banned a player with previously-dug x-ray holes, found in various places around HuskSMP, resulting in a raid from another server of people defending this player (who will remain nameless for the sake of any further communication pertaining to this incident).

It begun last night, while checking for x-ray underground using logs and spectator mode, when I found this suspicious borehole leading to a mineshaft.

The initial discovery, showing a borehole from the surface down to directly level with a mineshaft, at which point it turns into the mineshaft suddenly

After this, I checked who had placed these blocks, and ran some investigations surrounding them, viewing all instances of their mining since the beginning of the server.

My investigations, which ran for around 30 minutes from first discovery to ban, and even after in an attempt to reason with the raiders, found some certainly suspicious (at the least) tunnels, all created by this person, which showed as likely xray, both in our xray detection plugin and location in comparison to caves.

One thing I noticed from the get-go with this raid was the idea that I made a rash, quick, decision that I didn’t think through before doing just in search of drama, or that I was ban-happy. But I have to reiterate, all of this (with the exception of the 2 last images) was gathered before the ban was even added. I also discussed with ripe, and he was ready to ban after looking at even the first mineshaft tunnel – but I told him I’d keep looking, to prevent false bans/him getting lucky.

However, with the sheer number of these suspicious mines/mining patterns all leading directly into caves (I examined about 40 cases of this looking at his logs, and didn’t once find something that wasn’t at least mildly suspicious with changes of direction to lead to something underground), it’s not so much of a rash decision – I made completely certain that they were breaking server rules before I took action.

Once I did confirm this all, I administered a very short 1 day ban for X-Ray, which is almost nothing compared to the usual 5-7 days (depending on severity) for X-Ray bans based on HuskSMP protocol, since I had played with this player before and found them quite trustworthy, and I trusted that it wouldn’t happen again after this event.

However, even once presenting the information shown here to the raiding party, they failed to have a constructive, non-hostile conversation, and instead resorted to personal attacks on me, calling staff incompetent, and etc. I do see why they were mad, since someone close to them was banned – but still, I never once thought that a small ban on a minecraft server could lead so incredibly far.

Addressing some of the criticism of “You should’ve placed a chest near him,” or “You should’ve actually checked while he was online,” or etc, on such a small server (especially with school being in session and tightly packed schedules), I’d have to wait days to weeks to catch them online, mining again (keeping in mind their last time mining was 75 hours ago) – which just isn’t too realistic. I was confident enough in the logs and tunnels that I found that I didn’t deem it to be necessary either, in this particular case.

After this, I cleared both #general and #server-discussion completely, because it was a mess of hostility and general anger, with the exception of a few players, and introduced a zero-tolerance raiding rule. The whole situation has died down since, but I still felt it to be necessary to clarify why I banned them, and show that I didn’t make a rash decision as many interpreted it to be.

I apologize to anyone angered at me for banning this player – I didn’t want to at all, trust me. That’s why it was a significantly shortened ban. But if I see someone I’m confident was breaking server rules, they’re not going to be exempted because of this.

To all the players who didn’t resort to hostility and spam, or weren’t involved at all – I sincerely thank you, and sorry for all the drama that was introduced today. I hope we can all just put this incident behind us, and that there will be no hard feelings to those involved.


Server Performance Upgrades – August 6, 2019

Hello! We will be soon performing another server upgrade to allow for the installation of various performance enhancing upgrades.

Recently, HuskSMP has been encountering some lag issues due to increasing amounts of hoppers, item frames, chests, and various other entities, so we will be upgrading some things to optimize these and hopefully stop most of the lag we’ve been having.

Here’s a live update list (which will be updated from 6:00 PM MST and on due to delays):

(1:39 PM MST): Update officially announced and scheduled for 4:00 MST
(1:39 PM MST): Backups have begun, this will take a while
(3:45 PM MST): Updates pushed back to 7:00 PM MST or later due to internet speed issues
(5:53 PM MST): Updates set to 6:00 PM MST due to internet service restoration
(5:59 PM MST): Announcements made in-game, whitelist message reset and enabled
(6:00 PM MST): All players kicked, server shut down to upload Paper build
(6:01 PM MST): Started upload of Paper build 159 (for 1.14.4)
(6:02 PM MST): Made configuration changes to, spigot.yml to fix whitelist kick message, server MOTD during changes, and some other configuration things
(6:03 PM MST): Uploaded an experimental TPA plugin to replace the Essentials one due to issues with Essentials TPAs cancelling - this is likely to not work, and will be removed in that case
(6:05 PM MST): Paper build upload finished
(6:06 PM MST): Server started for first round of testing
(6:07 PM MST): Server started succesfully
(6:07 PM MST): Started reading through start logs for errors
(6:09 PM MST): Finished checking config, logging in to check for world corruption and to test everything
(6:13 PM MST): All plugins are working, but some out-of-ram errors are occuring. RAM is being upgraded.
(6:15 PM MST): RAM upgrades purchased and processed. Restarting to put these changes into effect.
(6:17 PM MST): Restarting again since this change didn't appear to take effect.
(6:23 PM MST): Tested the new /tpa system, all is well
(6:23 PM MST): Restarting once more
(6:25 PM MST): Whitelist disabled
(6:25 PM MST): Maintenance is over!

And here’s all we plan to do:

- Back up everything
- Shut down the server
- Make some server configuration changes (mostly for the creation of some in-game and discord integrated bots, which will be created in the coming days)
- Delete the current build of Spigot, replace with Paper
- Start up the server for the first time - check for errors in the console
- Check all plugins, make sure everything is running as it should
- If errors occur, restarts will occur as necessary until fixed
- If upgrade fails entirely, a backup will be restored (this will keep the server offline for another 3 hours or so)

Stability Updates – August 2, 2019

HuskSMP has been upgraded once again – this time to improve stability and speed after a series of recent crashes and periods of lag. These changes will take effect a few hours after this post publishes.

Here’s what we did:

  • Upgraded RAM
  • Added some plugins to help with CPU and RAM usage
  • Started heavily enforcing the no 0-tick farm rule
  • Made some optimizations in various plugins

Also, along with this, some bug fixes and upgrades were added:

  • Improved the moderation system
  • Fixed some issues in /moderation with bans not logging as they should
  • Fixed a bug in the /suffixes menu
  • Fixed the “Basic Diamond” alert when using /rewards
  • Renamed/added some crates
  • Fixed some issues in /music – however, the radio is still not functional due to the plugin being last updated for 1.11 and support being stopped
  • Adjusted some shops
  • Readded VIPShop and added Enchantshop
  • Fixed some backend issues

Rank Permissions Update/Game Enhancements – July 21, 2019

Today, we are releasing another new update!

We’ll perform a server restart within an hour or two of this post’s release date, which will finalize all of the changes made.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Added /rename and /lore as a perk for VIP+ rank
  • (Released yesterday) Duels has been added! 1v1 other players with various kits and arenas using /1v1 [name] <bet>.
  • Mob griefing has been enabled
  • Added Multiverse to prevent the communal enderman farm from being restricted by other players in the nether, as well as for building projects
  • Added Helper rank, and changed the in-game chat colors of Builder, Moderator, Admin, and Owner ranks
  • Updated our Ranks system to a newly-released version in hopes of fixing the ‘internal server error’ issues
  • Added /menu for help with various commands the server has
  • Removed some commands from the broadcaster plugin
  • Added a custom broadcasting plugin to add a custom design to the broadcast prefix

Once again, this will all take effect later tonight.

If you have any questions about this update or anything else, contact humeman through in-game chat, discord, the comments of this post, or [email protected]

HuskSMP 1.14.4 Live Update Log

Update 4:36 PM MST: This update has been completed!

Hello! Currently, HuskSMP is being upgraded to 1.14.4 to bring more stability, faster chunk loading, less lag, and bug fix updates (which come with 1.14.4). This update has fixed a large server efficiency bug, which should improve the server’s lag quite a bit.

The update window is currently 3:00PM MST to 6:00PM MST, but this may change.

This page will be continuously updated throughout the update with info on what is being done, and a final update will be released on the news page of this site once the upgrade is completed.

Complete 1.14.4 Upgrade Log:

- 3:02: Updated server whitelist, and whitelist message
- 3:04: Shut down server, changed MOTD, and enabled whitelist to prevent joining while backups and upgrades are occuring
- 3:12: Started a full backup of the server, before any upgrades have taken place (this will take a while)
- 4:09: Backups are finished.
- 4:12: Installing Essentials updates. (these are in beta, so this may be reverted later)
- 4:12: Removed EssentialsXXMPP due to it not being needed and causing errors.
- 4:13: Updated server JAR file to 1.14.4
- 4:14: Booted server for first time in 1.14.4
- 4:15: Server started, all plugins seem to be working fine
- 4:18: Tested out server world (main, nether, end) - nothing is corrupted
- 4:21: Tested out plugins, everything is fine
- 4:21: Shut down server for final updates before reopened to public
- 4:24: Installed some requested plugins while server is offline so as to not require another restart later
- 4:25: Changed Server MOTD back to original
- 4:27: Started server
- 4:29: Tested new additions, everything is working fine
- 4:29: Shut down server for final restart to put everything back to normal
- 4:32: Updated bukkit.yml server shutdown messages
- 4:32: Updated spigot.yml whitelist, outdated client, outdated server, and server restart messages
- 4:33: Started server for reopening
- 4:35: Tested everything again, all is well
- 4:36: Disabled whitelist
- 4:36: Maintenance is over!

Suffix Update – July 18, 2019

Today’s update includes a whole new suffixes system!

Now, in-game, you can use our custom-made /suffixes command to view all your unlocked suffixes.

All suffixes in the list can be purchased in our store now, by visiting

Each suffix will cost $0.50 to start, but that may change later.

Did you read this? Use code gamer for $0.50 off your $0.50 suffix purchase!

Bugfix/Shop Updates – July 17, 2019

Today we released a few extra updates to fix some bugs introduced by yesterday’s updates, as well as changed up ranks and updated the server store.

Here’s the list of in-game stuff:

  • Removed the rankup plugin due to plugin code issues (plugin creator has been contacted to find a solution, and it will return once one is found. Also, if you spent money on /rankup, please contact me using any of the methods at the bottom of this post for a refund).
  • Updated crates – there are now 5 total (daily, tools, claimblocks, vip, and rank)
  • Removed VIP rank reward from daily crate and replaced it with a rank crate key
  • Changed /kit daily and /kit vip with /rewards – type in /rewards to claim daily keys now

And the store/rank stuff:

  • Changed the rank color of VIP to light blue rather than dark green
  • Added VIP+ rank
  • Renamed Donator rank to VIP rank
  • Added suffixes to the server store
  • Added/moved some rank perks

These updates will all be finalized by late July 17.

Once again, if you run into any issues, contact me using the Discord Server, in-game chat, email ([email protected]), /mail send hume_man [message], or in the comments of this post.


Server Updates – July 16, 2019

We’re working on some new updates to enhance your playing experience today!

Here’s a list of what’s new:

  • Quests! Complete these to gain in-game currency and various items.
  • Rank-up system! Each player will start at the first rank, and you can rank up by using in-game currency. Each rank comes with more perks and items!
  • Crates! Each day you can use /kit crate to get a crate key for basic rewards. The top voter on each voting website will also receive crates with better items at the end of each month. VIPs and donators will also receive a bonus daily crate with better rewards (/kit vipcrate), and of course, crates of all types will be purchasable from our store,
  • Stability updates! We’ve been working to help reduce lag on the server and increase overall stability and speed, so you can expect better performance now.
  • Bug Fix List:
    • Removed the “Flying is not enabled on this server” kick and replaced it with a more accurate flying detector
    • Fixed the broken link on the chat message advertising the server store
    • Reassigned all server-related links to the new domain
    • Added ban/kick/mute notifications to all players
    • Added back some missing permissions to players
    • Fixed the inability to use anvils and beds at spawn

Enjoy the new updates! If you ever need help with anything pertaining to these or anything else on the server, you can contact us through the comments of this post, our discord server, in-game using chat, or in-game using /mail send [hume_man or ripeideal] [message].


New Server IP!

Today, we have migrated IPs from the old ( to

The old IP,, will remain active and you will be able to connect with both for the next two weeks – but, after that, you will only be able to connect using the new website.

Please update your server records in Minecraft!