Server Performance Upgrades – August 6, 2019

Hello! We will be soon performing another server upgrade to allow for the installation of various performance enhancing upgrades.

Recently, HuskSMP has been encountering some lag issues due to increasing amounts of hoppers, item frames, chests, and various other entities, so we will be upgrading some things to optimize these and hopefully stop most of the lag we’ve been having.

Here’s a live update list (which will be updated from 6:00 PM MST and on due to delays):

(1:39 PM MST): Update officially announced and scheduled for 4:00 MST
(1:39 PM MST): Backups have begun, this will take a while
(3:45 PM MST): Updates pushed back to 7:00 PM MST or later due to internet speed issues
(5:53 PM MST): Updates set to 6:00 PM MST due to internet service restoration
(5:59 PM MST): Announcements made in-game, whitelist message reset and enabled
(6:00 PM MST): All players kicked, server shut down to upload Paper build
(6:01 PM MST): Started upload of Paper build 159 (for 1.14.4)
(6:02 PM MST): Made configuration changes to, spigot.yml to fix whitelist kick message, server MOTD during changes, and some other configuration things
(6:03 PM MST): Uploaded an experimental TPA plugin to replace the Essentials one due to issues with Essentials TPAs cancelling - this is likely to not work, and will be removed in that case
(6:05 PM MST): Paper build upload finished
(6:06 PM MST): Server started for first round of testing
(6:07 PM MST): Server started succesfully
(6:07 PM MST): Started reading through start logs for errors
(6:09 PM MST): Finished checking config, logging in to check for world corruption and to test everything
(6:13 PM MST): All plugins are working, but some out-of-ram errors are occuring. RAM is being upgraded.
(6:15 PM MST): RAM upgrades purchased and processed. Restarting to put these changes into effect.
(6:17 PM MST): Restarting again since this change didn't appear to take effect.
(6:23 PM MST): Tested the new /tpa system, all is well
(6:23 PM MST): Restarting once more
(6:25 PM MST): Whitelist disabled
(6:25 PM MST): Maintenance is over!

And here’s all we plan to do:

- Back up everything
- Shut down the server
- Make some server configuration changes (mostly for the creation of some in-game and discord integrated bots, which will be created in the coming days)
- Delete the current build of Spigot, replace with Paper
- Start up the server for the first time - check for errors in the console
- Check all plugins, make sure everything is running as it should
- If errors occur, restarts will occur as necessary until fixed
- If upgrade fails entirely, a backup will be restored (this will keep the server offline for another 3 hours or so)

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