Server Updates – July 16, 2019

We’re working on some new updates to enhance your playing experience today!

Here’s a list of what’s new:

  • Quests! Complete these to gain in-game currency and various items.
  • Rank-up system! Each player will start at the first rank, and you can rank up by using in-game currency. Each rank comes with more perks and items!
  • Crates! Each day you can use /kit crate to get a crate key for basic rewards. The top voter on each voting website will also receive crates with better items at the end of each month. VIPs and donators will also receive a bonus daily crate with better rewards (/kit vipcrate), and of course, crates of all types will be purchasable from our store,
  • Stability updates! We’ve been working to help reduce lag on the server and increase overall stability and speed, so you can expect better performance now.
  • Bug Fix List:
    • Removed the “Flying is not enabled on this server” kick and replaced it with a more accurate flying detector
    • Fixed the broken link on the chat message advertising the server store
    • Reassigned all server-related links to the new domain
    • Added ban/kick/mute notifications to all players
    • Added back some missing permissions to players
    • Fixed the inability to use anvils and beds at spawn

Enjoy the new updates! If you ever need help with anything pertaining to these or anything else on the server, you can contact us through the comments of this post, our discord server, in-game using chat, or in-game using /mail send [hume_man or ripeideal] [message].


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