Stability Updates – August 2, 2019

HuskSMP has been upgraded once again – this time to improve stability and speed after a series of recent crashes and periods of lag. These changes will take effect a few hours after this post publishes.

Here’s what we did:

  • Upgraded RAM
  • Added some plugins to help with CPU and RAM usage
  • Started heavily enforcing the no 0-tick farm rule
  • Made some optimizations in various plugins

Also, along with this, some bug fixes and upgrades were added:

  • Improved the moderation system
  • Fixed some issues in /moderation with bans not logging as they should
  • Fixed a bug in the /suffixes menu
  • Fixed the “Basic Diamond” alert when using /rewards
  • Renamed/added some crates
  • Fixed some issues in /music – however, the radio is still not functional due to the plugin being last updated for 1.11 and support being stopped
  • Adjusted some shops
  • Readded VIPShop and added Enchantshop
  • Fixed some backend issues

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