The X-Ray Incident – What happened, and why we did what we did

Hello everyone!

As I’m sure most of you are aware of by now, (excuse my language, but) quite the shitstorm occurred last night, after we banned a player with previously-dug x-ray holes, found in various places around HuskSMP, resulting in a raid from another server of people defending this player (who will remain nameless for the sake of any further communication pertaining to this incident).

It begun last night, while checking for x-ray underground using logs and spectator mode, when I found this suspicious borehole leading to a mineshaft.

The initial discovery, showing a borehole from the surface down to directly level with a mineshaft, at which point it turns into the mineshaft suddenly

After this, I checked who had placed these blocks, and ran some investigations surrounding them, viewing all instances of their mining since the beginning of the server.

My investigations, which ran for around 30 minutes from first discovery to ban, and even after in an attempt to reason with the raiders, found some certainly suspicious (at the least) tunnels, all created by this person, which showed as likely xray, both in our xray detection plugin and location in comparison to caves.

One thing I noticed from the get-go with this raid was the idea that I made a rash, quick, decision that I didn’t think through before doing just in search of drama, or that I was ban-happy. But I have to reiterate, all of this (with the exception of the 2 last images) was gathered before the ban was even added. I also discussed with ripe, and he was ready to ban after looking at even the first mineshaft tunnel – but I told him I’d keep looking, to prevent false bans/him getting lucky.

However, with the sheer number of these suspicious mines/mining patterns all leading directly into caves (I examined about 40 cases of this looking at his logs, and didn’t once find something that wasn’t at least mildly suspicious with changes of direction to lead to something underground), it’s not so much of a rash decision – I made completely certain that they were breaking server rules before I took action.

Once I did confirm this all, I administered a very short 1 day ban for X-Ray, which is almost nothing compared to the usual 5-7 days (depending on severity) for X-Ray bans based on HuskSMP protocol, since I had played with this player before and found them quite trustworthy, and I trusted that it wouldn’t happen again after this event.

However, even once presenting the information shown here to the raiding party, they failed to have a constructive, non-hostile conversation, and instead resorted to personal attacks on me, calling staff incompetent, and etc. I do see why they were mad, since someone close to them was banned – but still, I never once thought that a small ban on a minecraft server could lead so incredibly far.

Addressing some of the criticism of “You should’ve placed a chest near him,” or “You should’ve actually checked while he was online,” or etc, on such a small server (especially with school being in session and tightly packed schedules), I’d have to wait days to weeks to catch them online, mining again (keeping in mind their last time mining was 75 hours ago) – which just isn’t too realistic. I was confident enough in the logs and tunnels that I found that I didn’t deem it to be necessary either, in this particular case.

After this, I cleared both #general and #server-discussion completely, because it was a mess of hostility and general anger, with the exception of a few players, and introduced a zero-tolerance raiding rule. The whole situation has died down since, but I still felt it to be necessary to clarify why I banned them, and show that I didn’t make a rash decision as many interpreted it to be.

I apologize to anyone angered at me for banning this player – I didn’t want to at all, trust me. That’s why it was a significantly shortened ban. But if I see someone I’m confident was breaking server rules, they’re not going to be exempted because of this.

To all the players who didn’t resort to hostility and spam, or weren’t involved at all – I sincerely thank you, and sorry for all the drama that was introduced today. I hope we can all just put this incident behind us, and that there will be no hard feelings to those involved.


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